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About Us

At Edrak Clinics, we provide our patients with access to state-of-the-art facilities along with the most experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals. In 2017, Edrak Clinics opened its doors to patients in the nasr city, Cairo. Since then, our mission has been to provide quality care in a safe environment — earning us a reputation as the best Psychiatric Clinic in the area.

From Nutrition Consultations to Pediatric Check-Ups, our personalized services allow us to manage whatever health concern our patients might have. Book an appointment today and see what we can do for you or your loved ones.

For psychiatry, brain and nerves

Specialized clinics for all branches of psychiatry, brain and nerves
Addiction treatment and psychotherapy throughout the day

Our vision
Together (family and society) towards a better tomorrow
Our goal
Providing distinguished psychological medical care through an integrated medical team in individual and group ways.
Improving the quality of psychological and neurological medical services for individuals and their families in a specialized center that combines the branches of psychiatry (Psychology), Psychology and Neurology
Focusing on the role of society in general and the family of the mentally ill in particular in living with and rehabilitating the mentally ill
Department of Psychiatry
1- Psychiatric disorders clinic
2- Clinic of elderly psychiatry
3- Child and adolescent psychiatry clinic
4- Sleep disorders clinic
5- Addiction treatment clinic
6- Women's Psychiatry Clinic
7- A day center for psychological care for children and the elderly
Department of Neurology
1- Neurological Diseases Clinic
2- Epilepsy clinic
3- Neurosurgery clinic
4- Clinic for the treatment of pain and associated physical disorders
5- Cerebral palsy treatment clinic
6- Movement Disorders Clinic
Addiction treatment department
The center offers the latest treatment programs in the field of addiction
and that is through :
External treatment for addiction (The Matrix Model), through which:
The patient can practice his normal life, including work and study, in addition to the treatment program
Attending therapeutic meetings - and individual and group therapy sessions
Periodic drug analysis - Family counseling sessions for patients and their families with entertainment

auxiliary units
• An integrated center for psychological evaluation and measurement
Post traumatic brain injury assessment unit
• Nerve planning and muscle drawing unit
Speech unit
A specialized analysis laboratory
A specialized physiotherapy unit (therapeutic gym)
The center also includes a special unit for psychological measurement:
• Personality tests
• Early diagnosis of intellectual, auditory and motor disabilities
• Early diagnosis of A D H D disorders in children, especially hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder
Early diagnosis of learning difficulties
• Early diagnosis of autism
• Evaluation of the mental functions of the elderly
• Post-neurological evaluation (such as bleeding, stroke, and other recent psychological tests)
Psychotherapy for children
- Treatment of language and speech diseases
Developing the skills of people with special needs
Psychological treatment of involuntary urination
Behavioral modification for children and adolescents
- The latest programs for learning difficulties in both parts (behavioral - academic)
A program for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
A program to improve the skills and abilities of autistic patients
Programs and consulting
- Treatment and rehabilitation programs to improve the cognitive functions of the elderly.
- Specialized programs for raising children.
Creativity development programs.
Intelligence development programs.
Memory development programs.
Human development programmes.
Psychological and family counseling for married couples and those about to get married.

Scientific and cultural activity:
• Training courses for specialists in the psychological and social field.
• Educational courses for interested non-specialists.
• Educational lectures and group meetings with the patients' families to increase the number of patients
Their awareness of the disease and their role in the treatment plan.
• Early prediction of disease in families in which one of its members suffers from
Mental illness because of its positive impact to prevent or limit the spread of the disease.
Service activities
• Developing awareness among families and caregivers of their children's health, psychological, entertainment, and moral support for them, and benefiting from each other's experiences, through periodic educational meetings for families, and educational and educational lectures for their families, and specialized ones about behavioral, mental and social disorders, and how to deal with them. with it and treat it through
• workshops .
Hotline service.
• Providing home services for the crippled and handicapped.
All services are provided through an integrated medical team of:
• University professors and consultants
• Specialized doctors for each service
• Social and psychological specialists
• Nursing with high experience in all specializations of psychology and brain and nerves
• Hotline for inquiries and psychological counseling
We hope that God will help us to serve those who need us

To see the peace in their eyes

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